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Commercial insurance only orders must be COMPLETE and received by PRC-Saltillo on or before November 1, 2022 to allow for processing in this calendar year. Please note: this deadline does not guarantee shipment of the device before December 31.

About AAC Funding

AAC Funding is the funding arm of the PRC-Saltillo company. We represent the company’s two widely respected brands, PRC and Saltillo, leaders in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

Brands under the PRC umbrella include:

Brands under the Saltillo umbrella include:

Brands under the PRC-Saltillo umbrella include:

NPI Number

When working with funding sources, an NPI number may be required.

PRC-Saltillo is the operating name of the Prentke Romich Company, NPI #1184602518. If your funding source requires additional information, or we are not listed as a supplier, please contact our Funding Specialists at 800.268.5224, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Our Specialists are experienced in working with insurers, government agencies and other funding sources, and will work with you to help facilitate the purchase of a device. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

About PRC-Saltillo

PRC-Saltillo is a 100 percent employee-owned company headquartered in Wooster, OH. Founded in 1966 by Ed Prentke and Barry Romich, today PRC-Saltillo is a global leader in the development of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solutions, including AAC devices and other assistive technology products and support services for people with speech disorders.