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Trial Device Program

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This program provides families with a free device loan to try at home to help make sure it is a good fit. This may be an important step or requirement before going through funding with health insurance.

This is a good fit for you if you answer YES to these 4 questions:

  1. We are working with a Speech Therapist
  2. We know the device we want to try
  3. It is important for us to try the device at home
  4. We plan to use health insurance to fund the device

If you answered NO to any of the above questions - no worries! Our AAC Consultants are here to help.

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Evaluator Loan Program

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This program is the ideal solution for SLPs or AAC Evaluators to use with their clients in the clinic, hospital, VA, or school environments. The equipment can be used for evaluations at no cost, for up to 4 weeks. In addition, evaluators receive consistent and reliable support from their PRC-Saltillo AAC Consultant.

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Not sure where to get started?

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Our skilled AAC consultants can help you find a device to borrow, do a device demonstration or connect you with resources in your area.

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