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Commercial insurance only orders must be COMPLETE and received by PRC-Saltillo on or before November 1, 2022 to allow for processing in this calendar year. Please note: this deadline does not guarantee shipment of the device before December 31.


family opening a boxSometimes, a funding request does not end in a positive outcome. Your SLP, together with our Funding Department, can work to get a decision overturned.

However, in the event that a funding request – despite all best efforts – is denied, funding doesn't mean a device is out of reach.

There are still options and a variety of local, state and national resources available to help you and your family receive a device.

Alternate Funding Sources
Along with more creative sources of funding, there’s a wide variety of national organizations and state agencies that assist families in obtaining a device. Visit our page for ideas and alternatives.

Unlike other credit cards, CareCredit is a credit program designed specifically to assist individuals and families who need medical services – and a way to pay over time without incurring high interesting charges. Learn more about this innovative credit service and see if it's right for you.